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Get Started With Basketball Betting And Achieve A 97% Win-Rate

Basketball betting is easy. If you're a basketball fan, and were asked which of two teams in pretty much any NBA basketball game was going to win, you'd be able to come up with a pretty good answer, and back it up with some reasons about that teams previous form that season, their star players, any injuries, refereeing bias, whether or not it's a home game or an away game.. and probably a whole host of other factors.

NBA Final OddsYou would probably be right on most counts, and you'd probably win some of your basketball bets. But, do you think you'd win 97% of the time, over hundreds of bets? In order to be able to achieve that high a success rate, there's a little extra secret sauce that needs to be taken into consideration when placing your bets.

When getting started with basketball betting, and deciding which team to place a bet on, here's a couple of the most vital statistics which you need to take into account:

Heed This before you Start

1) Wins for each team. How many wins have they each recorded in the current season so far, and the last season. This gives a very strong indicator of how well the team is performing as a whole, and how well they're doing compared to teams of a similar ability in the same league. It's also worth looking at the win-rates of their opponents, especially the ones which they beat. If the team is trashing opponents who have a terrible win rate, it's not such a big deal, but if they defeated the undefeated, it says a lot about their current skills.

2) Successful basketball betting also requires that you take note of the performance of each basketball player on the team, and be aware of any unusual activity – are they injured? Have they been playing exceptionally well? Are they considerably better than their opposite number? Basically, here you're looking to see if the teams are well matched, or if every player on your team is outgunned by a better player on the other.

And a few “DON'Ts”:

1) Don't bet on every basketball game you can find. This is one of the keys to achieving a huge win-rate, and maximizing your profits. You shouldn't be spending it all on high risk bets, or wasting opportunities on bets which may win you pennies, but lose hundreds.

2) Don't waste time looking for arbitrage basketball bets (where you bet on both teams with different bookmakers who have opposite odds so you always win) – they don't come around that often, usually have bet limits and will sap massive amounts of your time while you're scouring the web looking for them.

Basketball betting is fun, easy and profitable, as long as you get the system right. Start small with low value bets while you get a feel for it, and gradually increase your bets as you can afford to. Don't expect to win 97% overnight, but it IS possible.

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