The wizards rise

NBA Betting: Probabilities Slow to Show Washington’s Rise in East

NBA Betting: Probabilities Slow to Show Washington's Rise in East

The wizards rise

Regardless of setting out on a torrid pace to begin the 2014-2015 campaign, the Toronto Raptors have actually looked mortal since late. Should they fully go back to Earth, there's room atop the playoff stack in the wide-open Eastern Conference. The Raptors will hold onto their strong NBA chances, however the Washington Wizards could potentially bump the Raptors in the standings. Washington is a fascinating wagering option.

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The Wizards are only 28/1 to win the NBA Champion, compared to Toronto's 14/1, they have actually trended up recently. They've done so with the aid of super star point player John Wall.

Wall's 18.1 PPG, 9.3 APG and 2.4 SPG have done a fine job differentiating the point player from the up-and-coming confident he was prior to DC's playoff run last year to the established franchise foundation he is today.

Bradley Beal is back in the lineup for Washington and his health gives Wizards fans even another need to be optimistic about their group's chances. They'll still have some barriers in the east, the Raptors being just among them, but they're conference contenders worth consideration in the sportsbook.

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