12/09: Tennessee proves it's a legit national title contender; Kansas is now No. 1; Kentucky isn't top-25 material

Tennessee upset Gonzaga 76-73 on Sunday afternoon. Incredible game. Parrish and Norlander open on that and touch on a whole bunch with both teams, then get to Kentucky (16:09) dropping out of Parrish's Top 25 and 1 rankings. The new No. 1? Kansas (27:44). It had to rally this weekend to beat New Mexico State 63-60 in Kansas City. Elsewhere, there were a couple of good one-point games this weekend between currently unranked, but still big-time, basketball programs. Indiana beat Louisville 68-67 (37:32) and Syracuse beat Georgetown 72-71. The guys close on Villanova (42:51) and Bill Walton's polarizing nature as a color commentator (45:58). 

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