11/24: Kansas should be ranked ahead of Gonzaga at No. 1; tourney takes from throughout Thanksgiving week

Parrish and Norlander were all over the country this week, covering top-five matchups in person and reporting on them for CBS Sports. This special Saturday episode leads with Kansas beating Tennessee late Friday night at Barclays Center. From there, the guys get to Virginia's 6-0 start (10:03) and what happened in Vegas with Michigan State, Texas, UNC and UCLA (13:06). On the other side of things, Florida's off to a ragged 3-3 start (16:16). Arizona State (20:28) is doing well for itself again after last year's good start. Bad news: Vanderbilt's Darius Garland has a torn meniscus (23:00). A look ahead to Sunday's big game between Villanova and Florida State (29:40).

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