11/16: Michigan's stunner at Nova; UConn's great start under Dan Hurley; Big Ten is the best league to start the season

Friday's episode leads on arguably the most shocking result of the season so far: Michigan's 73-46 win at Villanova on Wednesday night. From there, Parrish and Norlander touch how good Tennessee's looked to star the year (16:30), get into Zion Williamson's hilariously ridiculous statistical pace so far (17:45), and move on to Ohio State (24:40), which has the best two road wins of any team in college hoops at this point. The guys also highlight the Big Ten (31:15), which has the best record of any conference 10 days into the season. Of course, there's also the matter of UConn upsetting Syracuse (38:06), which included a viral moment from Dan Hurley and an inexplicable jersey mishap regarding Buddy Boeheim. The guys wrap by discussing a 3-point oddity that happened on back-to-back nights earlier this week. 

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