11/11: A whiparound wrapup of college hoops' first weekend of 2018-19, with a debate over who has the best resume one week into the season

After a weekend with a few notable upsets, Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander open with West Virginia being the only ranked team to drop a game to an unranked team. Then it's onto Auburn (8:20), which looked great Friday night in an 88-66 win over Washington. Oh, and Duke freshman Zion Williamson (13:01) got 27 points, 16 rebounds, six blocks and four assists in Sunday's 94-72 win over Army. Just an absolute monster. Who should be ranked No. 1 right now — Duke or Kansas? (20:00), and what about North Carolina (23:12)? 2-0 with two road wins — one at Wofford, the other at Elon. Norlander said that amounts to the best resume in the nation right now. The pod wraps with a lookahead to the best games of Tuesday and Wednesday (31:48).

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