03/10: Championship Week is here, so it's time to get fired up over mid-major bubble squads and major-conference trash teams

This extensive episode leads on making the case for Belmont to be in the field. Matt Norlander brings the evidence, and Gary Parrish has some supporting thoughts. Plus, Furman and Lipscomb cannot receive auto bids, so how realistic are their chances? That's the first 27 minutes of this podcast (we love you, mid-majors) then it's on to a scenic tour of the seven major conferences in advance of those tourneys starting this week: the Big Ten (27:30), the Big 12 (33:55), the ACC (38:30), the SEC (44:45), the Big East (57:55), the American (1 hour, 2 minutes), the Pac-12 (1 hour, 7 minutes). Within those convos, there's bubble talk, 1 seed talk, suspension talk, Sean Miller talk and a ton more. Enjoy!

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