02/21: Zion Williamson's knee injury was not as bad as initially feared, but it nevertheless ignited a national debate

Zion Williamson's shoe-busting spectacle under a minute to the UNC game was the storm of content production for discourse about Duke Zion, the amateurism model and the NBA. However, Norlander and Parrish do their best get and to cut through the obviousness. But also: Parrish got to a Twitter spat with Trae Young (23:00)! The men also get into Norlander's strong story about LSU success despite losing a player to murder in the preseason (35:45) and wrap with a preview of six large games (42:05): Virginia-Louisville; Tennessee-LSU; Florida State-UNC; Duke-Syracuse; Kansas-Texas Tech; and Michigan State-Michigan. 

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