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The Best Options Trading Strategy That Will Work Every Time

An option spread strategy is typically employed by expert traders. There are likewise different types of techniques when it comes to options trading and one of them is the credit spread. A credit spread is a form of trading technique, where a trader buys an option for a certain strike price and sells the exact same at a different cost within the very same month. The so called credit sets in by the time such options are sold at a bigger strike price.

Normally, there are two methods of trading options by means of credit spreads. We have the low capital risk trade and high probability trade. Low capital risk trades make up of transactions using either an ATM (at-the-money) or ITM (in-the-money) alternatives. This option spread technique is then made use of to control incomes while trading options.


An option is valued at $45 and you feel that this stock is bearish and will certainly decrease in $40. You can try having a credit spread by selling an ITM $40 call for $5.50 and buying an ATM $45 call for $2, leading to a $3.50 credit.

Others see this trade as low capital danger because your choices should be valued below $40. In addition, success in this trade is extremely minimal as your stocks have to stay in the exact same 40-dollar range. In this, assessments are crucial and doing this proves to be harder.

A high probability trade is said to be a good example of an option spread approach. This trade utilizes OTM or from the cash alternatives to develop credit. Using the same example, we can see how this trade differs from low capital risks.


Given that your 45-dollar stocks are bearish at $40. To create a credit of $.60, you can sell an OTM $55 call for $2.20 and buy an OTM $60 call for $1.60. This is stated to be more ideal since the stocks need to be value listed below $60 dollars, and considering that it is already below the stated range, the credit has a greater probability of success.

Low capital risks supply very little success for starting traders while greater capital risks somewhat benefits old-timers. These two can be selected as part of your alternative spread method, given that you know yourself and have a system that works in trades. Low capital risks might be perfect for those who wish to remain in business however not actively take part in it. While the high capital risks trades are done by those who like to wager and risk more to earn huge earnings.

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