Learn Commodity Trading Basics

Commodity Trading Tips for Dummies

To learn commodity trading basics we need to develop a standard financial investment portfolio that includes holding two asset classes: stocks and bonds. However these days more financiers are planning to to diversify their portfolio and give a more fast tracked return.

In today's article we look at exactly what is essentially products 101. We will cover some standard terms that are utilized in the world of commodity trading so that we can begin to learn about methods for trading commodities.

What are Commodities?

The very first and most evident concern to address is exactly what are commodities? and the answer is very basic – A commodity is any physical element traded on the futures exchange. Some different kinds of commodities include Orange Juice, Oil, Gold and Unleaded Gasoline.

A more complicated question to address is ways to trade commodities? In this article we will be  revealing to you ways to create some basic commodity trading techniques.

Before making your very first few commodities trades it is necessary to comprehend some basic terminology and become familiar with a few basic rules:

It's High Risk but Financialy Rewarding

What do I suggest by establishing and comprehending your risk profile? Basically, you must choose just how much risk you are ready to take and fully comprehend the dangers associated with the different kinds of commodity trading methods open to the retail financier. Commodity trading uses leverage and can be volatile. You need to only invest in risk capital which yields a high return and ought to be prepared to lose what you invest if the trade doesn't pan out the way you anticipated it to. If this sounds too high-risk for you then maybe product trading is not for you.

If you are still checking out and are not reeling at the possibility of losing money then it's time to discuss the second vital guideline. Feeling has no location in any product trading method. An effective commodity trader easily separates themselves totally from their feelings and makes logical, educated decisions about when to buy a commodity and more notably when to offer.

Now that you have made it past the very first few paragraphs and are still interested in trading products we will begin to take a look at some basic terms that you will require to know prior to you making your first commodity trades; call options and put options.

Call and Put Options

Call Options

A call choice is an option that offers the holder the right but not the obligation to buy the underlying product at a predetermined cost on or before a set expiry date.

To understand exactly what this indicates in more basic terms let's use Pizza Hut as our example. Envision that a pepperoni pizza is usually $10 however there is a special discount coupon that allows the holder to pay just $8 for the very same pizza. In our analogy the discount coupon is a call alternative and the Pizza is the product. The discount coupon has a value of $2 due to the fact that it permits the holder to purchase a $10 pizza for just $8. Now let's picture that there is an expiration date on our voucher and if we have not utilized it by that date then it not has any value.

Put Options

A put option is a choice which gives the buyer the right but not the obligation to offer the underlying commodity at a predetermined price on or prior to a set expiry date.

In the real world let's imagine a phone store is doing a buy back program for Samsung Galaxy phones at $220 however to make use of the promotion you need to reveal the coupon prior to a specific date. Using this analogy the Galaxy phone is the commodity and the voucher is the put option. Now let's picture that another shop is selling a used Galaxy phone at $170. You easily sell the phone that you just purchased for $170 at $220, a revenue of $50. This is the value of the coupon.

In the next post, we will have a look at some fundamental products approaches. Up until then it's time to ensure you are familiar with the essentials we have covered in this post and prepare to make some revenues in the amazing world of commodity trading.


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