The Truth About Sports Spread Betting

Sports spread betting

Sports betting Lines

Sports spread betting, also know as “Spread betting”, “point spread” or “line”, is one of the most common types of bets along with the SP or starting price determined by fixed odds (fractional or decimal). It concerns betting based on the difference in the points, spread, scored by either two individuals or two teams in any given sporting event. The winner is declared by the comparison of the points difference between the two individuals or teams and the initial points publicised by the sportsbook.

Example of Spread Betting

So let's have a look at an example of spread betting below where Team A is the underdog by 6.5 points and Team B therefore is the  favorite by 6.5 points.


Team A (+6.5)

Team B (-6.5)

If you were to have a bet on Team B to win, the difference in the final declared score will need to be by 7 points or more in order for you to collect any winnings. Have a look at the example score below.

Final Score:

Team A – 30

Team B – 37

So as you can see above Team B, your hypothetical, bet would have won because the team B won by the minimum of 7 points. If however the final score was to be 36 to 30 you would not have collected any winnings and the bet would have been lost.

Spreads are usually issued in half-point increments to avoid ties. However there are still occasions when a tie will occur, this is called a push. When a push happens the sportsbook has to refund all bets on the game as no clear winner is declared, not something they are keen on as no profit can be made. To get round this event happening sportsbooks will “hedge their bets” by declaring a push as still a win or that a push is a loss. So in this case the sportsbook would not refund any of the money bets. It's not a common situation and would only occur on special sporting events. It's not populated by the sportsbooks that we recommend on this site anyway.

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So to conclude sports spread betting is the simplest approach to betting adopted by online sportsbooks to set their lines or odds and will continue to be the benchmark to making money while betting on sports for the foreseeable future.

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