The Betdaq Free Bet and Exchange Betting Advantage

In this article we will discuss the Betdaq free bet, the promotion code you need to enter at the registration page to claim the free bet and the why the Exchange betting sites like Betdaq and Betfair are a popular alternative to the online bookmakers.

The Betdaq Free Bet

How Much?: £20

Type: Risk Free

How to Claim: Place your First bet of £5 or more. If the bet loses the entire amount up to £20 will be REFUNDED.

Promotion Code: BDQ20FB

Click Here for the Betdaq Free Bet      

How to Use the Betdaq Promotion Code

The Betdaq Promotion Code page

Enter the Betdaq Promotion Code in the box provided on the Join page.

Go to the Join page on the main Betdaq site and fill out your personal details, name, age, address. Then simply enter or copy and paste the Betdaq promotion code which is –  BDQ20FB into the box shown. You have now completed your sign up information. Press enter and you will have your new account set up with the free bet offer primed. All you need to do now is fund your account and place your first bet on any sporting event. If it loses you will receive your money back up to the amount of £20.

The Popularity of Exchange Betting Sites

When Betfair, the first online betting exchange, was launched back in 2000, it transformed the way people bet on sports online. Since then other rival exchange betting sites have been launched most notably Betdaq, recently acquired by Ladbrokes and, recently demised. Other bookmakers offer exchange platforms within their conventional sportbooks but for the purpose of this article we will concentrate on the “Big Two”, Betfair and Betdaq.

Many players online moved to the exchange betting sites because of the initial attraction of being able to place and also lay bets against fellow punters. There is no need to risk being up against the bookmakers control over the odds. However there are still many punters who would simply see the exchange sites as way too daunting and complex. Lets’s look firstly at four main advantages that the betting exchanges have over the traditional bookmakers.

1. Better Odds

Before the betting exchanges came along, punters were forced to accept the prices that the bookies offered. As you may be aware the bookmakers’ odds have in-built revenue margins referred to as the over round. With the betting exchange if you do not like the price that is on offer, you have the ability to request a better one, request your own price if you like in the hope that it get’s matched by another punter. The odds you can get on the exchanges are, on average, around 20% better than those available at the bookmakers. These claims have been taken as an average by studies done in comparison.

2. Laying Bets

When you place a bet with a bookie you are betting that an outcome will certainly happen, and the bookmaker is betting that it will not take place. This is great if you are banking on something like the winner of a tennis match as there are just two possible results giving you a 50 – 50 chance. But what if you were betting on who will win the whole tennis competition?

If I wanted to bet that Rafael Nadal would not win Wimbledon, with the bookie I would be forced to back every other player who is competing in the competition! The betting exchanges make it possible to wager that something will certainly NOT happen; all I need is a backer elsewhere worldwide who thinks it will. Betting that something will not occur is called laying a bet.

3. Bet In-Play

Although the bet in-play service is something that has now been adopted by a lot of traditional online bookmakers. the betting exchanges pioneered it. You don’t need to simply back a horse or football team before the event and keep your fingers crossed – with Betfair or Betdaq, you can bet throughout the event up untill the horse crosses the winning line or throughout the 90 minutes of the football match.

4. Freedom to be Successful

If you start to become successful in your betting then bookmakers will certainly limit your stakes or in severe cases close accounts of people who are, in their opinion, winning too much money. The betting exchanges do not care how much you win, in truth winning is encouraged. This is due to the fact that it is not their cash you are winning – all money originates from other punters. The exchange makes its commission whoever wins, so they don’t want to close or limit your account in any way.

As you can see, the betting exchanges have different advantages compared to online bookies, which due to their nature of fixed odds are simply unable to compete with.

There is a small learning curve involved in utilizing the exchanges for those who are used to making use of starting price bookies, or those who have never even bet at all. However, both Betfair and Betdaq offer handy tutorials to assist brand-new users. These tutorials will guide you through any issues you may have and will teach you to be accustomed in utilizing their sites. After a couple of visits, most users end up being attuned to the differences and making use of the exchanges ends up being a way of betting that can be very enjoyable.

Any gambler who is interested in sports betting and who hasn’t yet tried Betfair or Betdaq can also benefit from a welcome offer when they open a new account. This is available in addition to the other advantages currently explained. Therefore, the exchanges are certainly well worth a try as you find other online betting fans.

If you want to try sports betting and wish to attempt betting exchanges rather than bookmakers, you can get a Betfair complimentary bet when you sign up with Betfair, or a Betdaq. A totally free bet when you sign up with Betdaq is on offer as we discusse at the beginning of this article. Both these offers allow you to experiment with the betting exchanges without risking your own cash, so you can decide on your own whether they fit your way of betting.

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