5 Cool Places you Can Play Slots.lv Mobile


Slots.lv Mobile Free BonusAfter a woman with the initials “IR” won a significant amount of money by playing Mega Moolah on Slots.lv mobile while in the bathroom, loads of people have been searching for the Slots.lv mobile casino site. Playing mobile slots from your smart phone or iPad is handy, very easy to utilize and also you could get a few spins in wherever you go. We have put together our 5 favoured locations for mobile slots enjoyment on the go.

1) While Queuing
Waiting in queues can be really boring especially when you are stuck behind someone paying for loads of groceries in the shopping line, however luckily, with accessibility to Slots.lv mobile anywhere any time you could get a few spins in while you are waiting. Who know if you hit the right combination of spins you could be ditching the supermarket for a Michelin-starred restaurant instead.

2) While Travelling
If you find yourself stuck in website traffic on the bus or in the passenger seat, do not roll your eyes. It’s the best chance to visit some slot games and also discover some brand-new faves. Kill time by obstructing those Greedy Goblins, or getting your hands on some of Cleopatra’s Gold.

3) While On a Beach
Photo a sandy summer with splashing waves, and also a Corona in your hand. Just what could be feel better? Well, how about winning a pot of gold jackpot on your mobile for one. Relax the day away with some easy slot games as well as feeling the sun on your on your body as you get a tan.

3) At Lunch time Hour
It’s no surprise that often lunch time hours can be a little stretched. If the last few minutes are dragging a bit, liven it up a little by diving for Submerged Treasure or staying clear of Rook’s Vengeance.

4) In the Washroom
With bathroom prizes rising, we just could not leave this one out. The lady known by the initials “IR” won a staggering 1.8 Million pounds when she managed a few spins while on a bathroom break. She’s promised to purchase a brand-new car, take her child on a top-end holiday, settle the financial debts of her loved ones as well as, naturally, contribute some to charity.

If you’re not currently enjoying the values of mobile gambling, Slots.lv mobile sweetens the experience with a free $25 gambling chip for betting a minimum of $500 from your mobile phone or tablet. Grab your mobile phone or iPad and start playing at m.slots.lv to cheer up your down time.

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