Odds Released for 3 Point Shootout Game and Dunk Competitions


NBA Odds: Bovada Release the latest Odds for 3 Point Shootout and Dunk Competitions

Stephen Curry

While sports fans and the NBA wagering neighborhoods debate the recently named All-Star Game lineups, Bovada has been launching odds for both the Slam Dunk and 3 Point Shootout game contests, providing hoops enthusiasts the latest basketball odds to think about this month.

It’s one thing to bet on the NBA throughout the regular season, however it’s something else completely to anticipate the outcome of a creative display like the dunk competitors. High-flying novice Zach LaVine has the -110 advantage for good reasons, however there’s no assurance that his athleticism will suffice to satisfy the panel. The Dark horse ¬†prospect is Victor Oladipo whi is just +300 on the moneyline for the competition. If his competition portfolio is anything like his in-game portfolio, the rest of the participants had better be cautious.

Looking at the the other prospects, Giannis Antetokounmpo (+225) and Mason Plumlee (+700), will certainly need to lose the prejudgments of huge guys having a hard time in slam dunk contests. They’re both efficient in banging in NBA arenas, however the innovative environment of a competition is a different story.

If you’re searching for a more unbiased competition, take a look at the odds for the 3 Point Shootout competitors. Stephen Curry (+225) is a popular favourite, but it appears similarly probable that anyone in the contest might walk away successful.

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